A brief history: In the 1940’s there were two fundamental, evangelical churches in River Grove that held very similar doctrinal views. River Grove Baptist Church was located on the east side of the Des Plaines River and ‘The Little Gray Church’ was located on the west side of the River. In the late 1940’s The Little Gray Church purchased our present property and took the name Rhodes Gospel Church. In 1948 there was serious talk of merging the two churches as one. With the help of Cicero Bible Church the men of the two churches worked very diligently putting together the merger. By 1949 several decisions had been made. With a loan of $10,000 from Cicero Bible a new church building would be built on the property on Rhodes Ave. The name chosen for this merger would be the River Grove Bible Church. And, both current pastors would resign and a new pastor would be called. In October of 1949 the two churches officially came together as one with Rev. Harry Reed as the church’s first pastor. In 1952 the new building on Rhodes Ave was dedicated to the glory of God. The church continued to grow and in 1957 the second phase of the building project was completed.

In November of 1959 the church was officially incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois. In 1960 the church was able to finish repaying its loan from Cicero Bible Church.

Today the Lord continues to bless us. We feel privileged to be a Lighthouse for the glory of God in the village of River Grove.

River Grove Bible Church is an independent, community church. But, since its beginning River Grove Bible Church has in fellowship with the IFCA International.

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